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Axcess Roofing Versus Competition Checklist and Why Some Quotes are Affordable

If your roof lasted less than 15 years, these are some of the questions you should be asking to not repeat the same procedure and expect a different result.

Questions to ask of your roofing contractor:

1. Copy of insurance liability certificate: Any damage to you or your neighbour’s property is covered by Axcess Roofing. Please check with the roofer’s insurance broker to confirm. Roofing insurance is very expensive, and anybody can say they have current insurance and can easily make a fake certificate.

2. W.S.I.B clearance certificate supplied: Axcess roofing assumes all liability for any workers hurt on your property.

Please note: If other roofers do not have W.S.I.B insurance, you are personably liable for any injuries or death of their workers and could possibly lose your house. Do not take the roofer’s word. What is their WSIB account #?

This is also very expensive. Always call W.S.I.B. to confirm current status or you could potentially lose your house.

3. Complete ventilation check: Probably the biggest cause of your current roof going prematurely and can cause mold. Axcess Roofing goes in your attic and brings your ventilation up to code. We open up existing soffit (intake) ventilation or will cut new holes in soffit and install moore or trusse vents to ensure that your house breathes. This prevents mould and ice damming and will lower your heating and air conditioning costs by up to 50%

Improper ventilation will make your warranty null and void.

4. Winterguard: High-Quality Ice and Water Shield
Axcess Roofing installs minimum 6’ around all eaves, under all valleys, up all walls, around any chimneys and skylights, double layer on low slope areas, around all roof penetrations like vents and p-stacks (round black pipe), and any trouble areas.

This guarantees no possibility of ice damming or water leakage from heavy rain resulting in costly repairs.

5. Complete synthetic underlayment: Axcess Roofing installs a CertainTeed DiamondDeck on the rest of the roof. This product gives a 100% secondary back-up against any future leakage; but more importantly, provides a vapour barrier between the shingles and the plywood to stop moisture from the attic causing the nails to pop and ensure a 50-year life.

6. Professional installation: Axcess Roofing employees are trained and certified installers by the manufacturer, CertainTeed. That means all aspects are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For example, every five rows of shingles are cut back to give the designer shingles the proper pattern. If this is not done, there will be no warranty whatsoever. Also, all-metal flashings are replaced installed to building code.

7. Special protection of the grounds: The employees of Axcess Roofing go to extra lengths to protect your gardens, plants, walkways and other areas below the roof with plywood and tarps to ensure a complete clean-up.

8. Kitchen or bathroom ventilation: Axcess Roofing makes sure that all vents from bathrooms or kitchens are venting to the outside with an airtight collar and flapper vent, not a standard roof vent. Most roofers do not go in your attic to check on soffit ventilation or exhaust vent leakage, which can cost a minimum of $50.00 energy loss per vent per year. This also nullifies any warranty.

9. Full attic inspection for other problems: With most roofers and sub-contractors, if it is not on the list, any other problems can be easily covered up and not fixed. Axcess Roofing employees are trained and rewarded for finding and fixing any other problems, or potential problems that they may come across that were not noted or written on the contract.

10. Digital pictures of all stages of the roofing project: Axcess Roofing takes pictures of the whole procedure. Copies are available for your records upon request. This ensures that all aspects are done properly and according to the manufacturer specifications for warranty purposes.

11. Complete customer satisfaction: Axcess Roofing guarantees to do the best job possible, and we bend over backwards to make sure all your special demands are met to your satisfaction.

12. References supplied with a quote: Axcess Roofing supplies an up to date reference list along with the colours.

13. 50-year written warranty from the manufacturer in your name: Axcess Roofing registers your project with CertainTeed, the manufacturer (in business since 1904), and they send out a written 50-year warranty which means Axcess Roofing can be out of business tomorrow and you still have a 50-year warranty that can be transferred to the next owner if you sell within 15 years.

If another roofer claims the same warranty, please call the manufacturer and ask them directly if they will send you a written warranty for 50 years from them for 100% on shingles, all other materials, labour, waste, disposal and especially 25-years workmanship and see what they say. 800 # can be found on any manufacturer brochure. Call to avoid any future problems.

14. We fix sagging roofs and trusses: If the roof is sagging or wavy, we can repair at very little extra cost. Since part of our operation is going into the attic, our knowledgeable crew can correct any original construction flaws or damage caused by excess moisture in the attic.

These are some of the questions you should ask to help you choose the right contractor and avoid problems you might have down the road. Remember, any errors usually take a few years before leaks start to show inside the house, and by that time, the damage could be very expensive to fix and could cause mold.

Yes, we charge a little more, but remember this, it is your home and equity that you are protecting.

The bottom line is to do your homework to make sure that down the road your house is protected. There is no secret in life. Neglecting any or all of the above areas will cost you one way or another.

“You get what you pay for, and sooner or later, you pay for what you get’’.

Most roofers only replace your shingles. They do not fix the reasons why they failed to last a full term. Axcess Roofing looks at all aspects of your entire system.

Let Axcess Roofing be your last roofing contractor.

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